American Independent Party Candidates for President

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Candidate Name   Party
Diane Beall Templin   American Independent
Don J. Grundmann   American Independent
Mad Max Riekse   American Independent

Diane Beall Templin   1016 Circle Drive
American Independent Party   Escondido, CA 92025
    Phone: (760) 480-0428

We, the People of the united States of America need to Be All we are capable of: one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, Independent, Sovereign, a Constitutional Republic replacing the Federal Reserve & Central Bank system with interest-free value backed, money, adopting the Liberty Amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment and IRS. If you elect me President, we will stop illegal immigration, protect our borders, end unconstitutional Federal programs, protect American jobs from outsourced labor, correct balance of trade, end all undeclared, unconstitutional wars and bring our troops home, protect life, liberty, and property, stop violation of Constitutional protections, stop warrantless wiretaps, National I.D. Cards, RFID chips, and abuse of power found in "unPatriot Acts", protect our Sovereignty, pledging allegiance to USA not to the North American Union, support rights of parents to control the education of their children, support the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. As a talented, creative and gifted People with God-given inalienable rights to life, liberty and property, we will find ways to restore pure air, clean water, protect American family farms, healthy food, with alternative energy sources. We will make Constitutional choices regarding our health care and social security.  It is time for American soil and souls to heal and for us to take care of the American people and by Almighty God we will. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Our Rights are our Might; Ours Votes are our Voice, Diane Beall Templin for President is your very best choice!

Don J. Grundmann   425 E. Merle Ct.
American Independent Party   San Leandro, CA 94577
    Phone: (510) 433-7000


I ask for your vote for the Presidential nomination of our party. As your candidate I will fight, and have the solutions for, the following: 1) the treason of the Security and Prosperity Partnership which our government is secretly using to bring Canada, Mexico, and our nation into a united North American Union, the first step of a process where we will forever lose our rights; 2) the illegal immigration invasion of our nation which our government allows in order to smooth our assimilation into the NAU and as a hammer against the wages and living standards of our citizens; 3) the total corruption of the IRS and the Federal Reserve System which are stealing the wealth of our citizens every day by devaluing our currency and the lie of the income tax (remember, you can earn $300,000 by disproving the following - no law requires an American working in America to either file a tax return or to pay income tax); 4) the deindustrialization, collapse of manufacturing, and loss of jobs which America has suffered through agreements such as NAFTA which must be repealed; 5) the lie of man-made global warming, backed by Homer Simpson science, which economic elites will use as a hammer to shatter the working people and industry of our nation; 6) the crime of abortion which has killed over 40 million children since 1972. Only the principles of our party can solve these and all other problems of the nation as described at TRUTHUSA.ORG.

Mad Max Riekse   A Republic Not A Democracy
American Independent Party   P.O. Box 82

Fruitport, MI 49415-0082

    Phone: (231) 865-3238

Mad Max Riekse:; Retired US Army, LTC; Vietnam War & Iraq War Veteran; Retired Public School Teacher; B.A. University of South Florida: Political Science & International Relations; two M.A.’s/WMU: Political Science, International Relations, Education, US & World History. Educate America. A return to a Republic & Constitutional government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers will bring peace & prosperity to all American citizens & the world at large.  We were founded as a Republic blessed by God with a Constitution & Bill of Rights. Stop the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan; No War with Iran.  Focus on Peace in the Middle East & throughout the world.  Send all illegal immigrants home now.  They are here illegally.  No amnesty, birthright citizenship – anchor babies, social security, free education, health care, welfare, & unemployment to illegal’s & non-US citizens. Lower taxes, less government; cut the Federal gas & diesel tax 70%; No to Free Trade: NAFTA; no Mexican truckers in the USA.  Eliminate Federal taxes on all Military & Federal pensions & Social Security recipients; eliminate the IRS & Federal Income Tax; cut Chinese imports that destroy American jobs with decent benefits, health care & pensions; Save Social Security; along with US manufacturing & trucking job’s; support American farmers; & reduce dependence on foreign oil by promoting alternative energy sources from wind, water & sun for a cleaner & healthier America. A return to a constitutional government will bring peace and prosperity to all American citizens. God Bless America.

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