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Candidate Name   Party
Mike Huckabee   Republican
Duncan Hunter   Republican
Fred Thompson   Republican
Tom Tancredo   Republican
Rudy Giuliani   Republican
John H. Cox   Republican
Sam Brownback   Republican - No Candidate Statement Submitted
Ron Paul   Republican
John McCain   Republican
Mitt Romney   Republican
Alan Keyes   Republican

Mike Huckabee   P.O. Box 2008
Republican Party  

Little Rock, AR 72203

    Phone: (501) 324-2008

I am running for President because I believe that the American dream is still alive, and right now our country needs a leader who can lift the nation up and optimistically address the challenges we will face. I have more executive experience than any other candidate, having served 10 ½ years as governor of Arkansas. During this time, I was selected to head the National Governors’ Association and named one of the top five governors by Time magazine. As President, I will protect America from terrorism; seal our borders and stop illegal immigration; protect the sanctity of life; improve the health care system; put the IRS out of business by adopting the FairTax; make America energy-independent so that our gas dollars no longer fund terrorism; restore the nation’s ability to respond to a manmade or natural crisis; protect Second Amendment rights; improve education and make arts and music available to all students; and pass a Veterans’ Bill of Rights. People often ask how my faith influences my decisions. My faith doesn't influence my decisions – it drives them. For example, when it comes to the environment, I believe in being a good steward of the resources God has given us. I believe in protecting the lives of the weak and helpless, because our Creator values each person and demands that we do the same. Please join me in lifting America up and securing a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

Duncan Hunter   9340 Fuerte Drive, Suite 302
Republican Party  

La Mesa, CA 91941-4164

    Phone: (619) 463-3896

I am running for President of the United States because I have the vision, experience and resolve necessary to lead this great nation. As a Vietnam Veteran and a Member of Congress for the past 27 years, I have always fought for the values that are important to the future of our country and I wish to continue working toward these important goals by serving the American people as their President. My national security and foreign policy is based on the concept of peace through strength. Our success in protecting America from terrorists is dependant upon our ability to obtain and utilize reliable intelligence data. Our national intelligence and defense communities must be provided with the tools necessary to identify, track, stop and prosecute terrorists before they have the opportunity to strike. Equally as important is the protection of America’s borders. I steadfastly oppose amnesty proposals and believe, as a matter of national security, we must enforce our immigration laws and secure our border by implementing the provisions of the Secure Fence Act calling for the construction of 854 miles of border fence along the five most prolific smuggling corridors on the Southwest border. As President, I will end the one-way street on trade and oppose treaties that infringe on basic U.S. sovereignty and adversely affect American workers, eliminate wasteful government spending, reduce taxes and work to protect the right to life for the unborn.

Fred Thompson  

Friends of Fred Thompson

Republican Party   P.O. Box 128349

Nashville, TN 37212-8349


Conservative principles of limited government, personal freedom and responsibility, lower taxes and spending, strong national defense, and the rule of law built this country and are my guiding tenets, as they were for California’s principled conservative leader, Ronald Reagan.  My vision for America is focused on providing security, seeking national unity, and fostering prosperity.  The first responsibility of the national government is to protect the country from those who want to destroy us and our way of life.  To do so, we must strengthen our military; work with our allies; improve homeland security; enforce border security; and prevent illegal immigration.  Only a prosperous nation can achieve these goals.  We are facing a crisis caused by unsustainable government spending.  We must restrain these costs or our economy will be crippled, leaving us unable to address our nation’s future challenges and leaving our children and grandchildren less well off.  Reforming our entitlement programs without raising taxes will be one of my top priorities.  We must also reform the tax system and reduce the size and scope of the federal government.  Adhering to the rule of law and appointing judges who will interpret and not make law will further ensure that our God-given rights are protected and secure.  America’s future depends on sound leadership, courage, and bold ideas.  It is time for us to work together to further our shared values and pursue our common interests.  I can provide the leadership to achieve these goals.

Tom Tancredo   501 Church Street, Suite 212
Republican Party  

Vienna, VA 22180

    Phone: (888) GO-TOM08

Tom Tancredo is a lifelong conservative with nearly a decade of experience in the U.S. Congress. There he advanced his reputation as a solid pro-life, pro-gun, small government Republican, and emerged as the leader in the national struggle for true immigration reform. Tancredo has made illegal immigration the focal point of his campaign.  He has pledged to secure our borders, eliminate benefits and job prospects for illegal aliens, and to prosecute employers who knowingly hire them.  He is 100% opposed to amnesty and considers illegal immigration the most important domestic issue that faces this nation today.  Americans for Better Immigration have given him a rating of A+. In his years in public service Tancredo has been a strong proponent for pro-life causes and legislation.  He has received an A rating from National Right to Life as well as the Family Research Council. Tancredo has also received an A rating from the National Rifle Association and the National Taxpayers Union.  He has received an A+ rating from the American Conservative Union and the National Federation of Independent Business. Before his election to Congress, he served five years in the Colorado legislature, and was appointed regional representative for the Department of Education by President Reagan, a position he held for over ten years. Congressman Tancredo lives with his wife Jackie in Littleton, Colorado. They have been married 30 years and have two sons and five grandsons.

Rudy Giuliani   295 Greenwich Street #356
Republican Party  

New York, NY 10007

    Phone: (212) 835-9449

I’m running for President of the United States because our country needs strong, optimistic and determined leadership to meet the challenges we will face in the future. The 2008 election offers a choice to all Americans about the direction of our nation. The next president must ensure we remain on offense against Islamic terrorists in their war on us – because if we drift back to defense we’re going face a longer war with larger problems. The next president must also restore fiscal discipline to Washington – cutting taxes and wasteful spending – so we can empower people, not government. Over the course of this campaign, I’ve made 12 Commitments to the American People. These include ending illegal immigration so we can expand legal immigration, moving toward energy independence, increasing our involvement in the global economy and strengthening our reputation around the world. I have a proven record of results and executive experience as mayor of America’s largest city, where we improved the quality of life by cutting crime and welfare in half, while reducing taxes 23 times. As President, I will focus on finding solutions, getting results, and making government work for all our citizens. America can meet any challenge when we focus on what unites us, not what divides us. We solve our problems best from strength, not weakness – from optimism, not pessimism. Please visit my website,, to learn more. Together, we can hand our nation to the next generation better than it was handed to us.

John H. Cox  

P.O. Box 5353

Republican Party   Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-5353

Phone: (877) 234-3800


The past 20 years have seen only Bushes and a Clinton as President.  During that span, our government has added trillions of debt, failed to reform a broken tax system, failed to fix Social Security and Medicare, failed to deal with illegal immigration, watched health care costs explode, done nothing for education but spend money with few results.  We have turned over control of government to the corrupt who make money from public service while selling out our principles and piling more debt on our children. If you are tired of these failures, I suggest you support my candidacy for President. I am a successful businessman who built a $100 million business in Chicago, Illinois.  I have been a political activist and civic leader for over 25 years.  I am not a career politician but someone who addresses problems and procedures results, something sorely lacking in today’s political culture. I am a CPA who will replace the IRS with consumption tax; I will arrest employers who employ illegal aliens; I will introduce competition and increased supply into health care and education to increase quality and reduce costs.  I will win the war in Iraq by getting the Iraqis to pump their oil and pay for their own protection. The U.S. should work to spread prosperity and opportunity; not at the point of a gun but with our leadership and integrity.  Let’s end government for sale, corruption and waste – we can do this by working together.

Ron Paul   3461 Washington Blvd., Suite 200
Republican Party  

Arlington, VA 22201

    Phone: (703) 248-9115

I am Dr. Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution. In ten terms in Congress, I never voted for an unbalanced budget or tax increase. I have never voted to raise congressional pay, increase the power of the executive branch, or regulate the internet. As a medical doctor, I delivered more than 4,000 babies and advocate a health care system where patients have choices including alternative care and where competition will drive costs down. I want to stop spending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas and use those funds to pay down our burgeoning debt, reduce taxes, shore up Social Security and strengthen Veterans’ benefits.  I would immediately bring the troops home from Iraq. My six point immigration plan is to: (1) Physically secure our borders; (2) Enforce visa rules; (3) Not allow amnesty; (4) Provide no welfare for  those here illegally; (5) End birthright citizenship; and (6) Create true reform that is fair for all. I will continue to oppose a North American Union. I favor repeal of the Patriot Act, would stop the national ID card, and would end the erosion of our privacy rights and civil liberties. I will stop corporate polluters and end corporate welfare. I would also move immediately to return to sound monetary policy, to end the “inflation tax,” and to protect our dollar. I will act to end irresponsible government spending which is threatening our future. I am committed to ending the personal income tax and the IRS.

John McCain  

John McCain 2008

Republican Party   P.O. Box 16118

Arlington, VA 22215

    Phone: (703) 418-2008

I believe our nation’s best days are ahead and remain committed to an America with a strong national defense, a smaller, more accountable government, and a robust economy. As president, I will protect our nation from all enemies.  We confront a titanic struggle against Islamic extremism that will not be won quickly or easily.  But we will win it.  I look forward to bringing our troops home but know that we must bring them home in victory and with honor. Our enemies are in this fight to win.  Be assured that I will employ all instruments of national power to defeat them. At home, Americans have lost trust in their government.  To restore their trust, I will secure our borders, veto pork-barrel bills, keep taxes low and reform our tax code.  I will nominate judges who do not legislate from the bench.  I will work to modernize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, bring choice and competition to our schools, and address climate change.  We must also fix our health care system, not through more government, but by empowering the market to offer affordable and portable insurance options while we help those without insurance access quality care. I am running for president to make sure America maintains its place as the political, military and economic leader of the world.  I am running for President of the United States, a blessed country, a proud country, a hopeful country and the greatest force for good on earth.

Mitt Romney   P.O. Box 55239
Republican Party  

Boston, MA 02205

    Phone: (857) 288-6400

I am running for President because I want future generations to live in an America that is safe and prosperous and free. Ten years ago, there wasn’t much question about that: we had won the Cold War, our “new economy” was outpacing our rivals, the dollar was strong and markets were surging. A lot has changed since then. But Washington hasn’t. As President, I will bring conservative change to Washington as I did as Governor; cutting taxes, cutting spending, defending life, promoting traditional marriage, reforming health care, and enforcing our immigration laws. The challenges we face seem daunting, but Americans always rise to the occasion – we will overcome these as we have many others before. But for our children to inherit from us the great and hopeful America that was bequeathed to us by our parents, we must change Washington. I am optimistic about America’s future. I have seen the goodness and resolve of the American people. Challenges make us strong. If I am elected President, I will draw on my experience, my values, and this vision of American strength to keep America the hope of the world, and the promise of a bright future for our children.

Alan Keyes  

13533 Scottish Autumn

Republican Party   Darnestown, MD 20878

Phone: (800) 727-6142


The sovereignty of the American people is being destroyed. To address this crisis we must restore our moral sovereignty, beginning with the truth that all people are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights, starting with the right to life itself. I therefore support ending legal abortion, outlawing human cloning, as well as forbidding all forms of scientific research that require the destruction of human life at any stage after fertilization. We must also restore the integrity of our physical sovereignty, using all appropriate means, including physical barriers, electronic surveillance, and the creation of a U.S. Border Guard to control our national borders. We must strictly enforce our immigration laws to take down the “Y’all Come” sign corporate factions have erected to lure cheap labor across the border and steadily erode the economic equity American workers have achieved through hard fought social and political battles. To restore our constitutional sovereignty we must impeach and remove from office judges who stubbornly seek to dictate the law rather than apply laws made by our duly elected representatives. If elected I will of course not appoint such judges, but more importantly I will act on the President’s sworn duty conscientiously to follow the constitution, rather than the contrary opinions of dictatorial judges. To restore our economic sovereignty I will vigorously seek to abolish the Federal income tax and replace it with the Fair Tax system, funding the Federal government by means that do not require the surrender or violation of fundamental Constitutional rights.

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